10 Best B2B Travel Companies, For Money Saving and a Safe Business Trip

Tourist Tips Aug 17, 2023

In an age where globalization is the norm, the corporate world is more interconnected than ever. Businesses are not just confined to their localities; they span continents, cultures, and time zones. This expansion has given rise to a unique niche in the travel industry: B2B travel agencies. 

These specialized entities cater to the intricate needs of businesses, ensuring seamless travel experiences for their employees and stakeholders. Even as customers move away from tour operators to turn to their preferred online travel agency, the role of corporate travel agent stays important in the business world.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the pivotal role of B2B travel agents in corporate travel solutions providers, the criteria for selecting the right agent, and a list of top global B2B travel agents that have made a mark in this domain.

1. The Integral Role of a B2B Travel Agent in offering Corporate Travel Solution

The term "B2B travel agent" might seem like just another industry jargon, but its implications in the corporate world are profound. Let's dissect this term and its significance in today's business travel landscape.

  • B2B vs. B2C: Unlike traditional travel agency who cater to individual travelers (B2C or Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business) travel agents specialize in serving businesses. Their clientele ranges from small enterprises to multinational corporations.
  • Tailored Travel Solutions: One of the primary responsibilities of B2B travel companies is to provide bespoke travel services, beyond flight booking, car rental and travel arrangements. These plans are meticulously crafted, keeping in mind a company's objectives, budgetary constraints, and preferences. Whether it's a last-minute business meeting in Tokyo or a month-long project in London, a corporate travel agent ensures that the traveler itinerary is optimized for efficiency and comfort.
  • Cost Efficiency and Negotiations: In the corporate world, every penny saved is a penny earned. B2B travel agents understand this ethos. They leverage their vast networks and industry relationships to negotiate corporate rates with airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies. This not only ensures cost savings but also provides businesses with value-added services like flexible booking options, booking holdings and loyalty program benefits.
  • Risk Management: Traveling, especially internationally, comes with its set of risks. From flight cancellations and baggage losses to political unrest in a destination country, the uncertainties are myriad. B2B travel agents offer comprehensive risk management solutions. They provide travel insurance, real-time updates, and round-the-clock support through a travel portal to address any disruptions or emergencies. In essence, they act as a safety net, ensuring peace of mind for traveling employees.
  • Reporting & Analytics: In the age of data, informed decision-making is crucial. B2B travel agents provide businesses with detailed reports on travel expenses, trends, and potential areas of savings. These insights enable companies to streamline their travel policies and make data-driven decisions.

2. Criteria for Choosing the Right B2B Travel Agent

Selecting the right corporate travel agent is akin to choosing a business partner. The right choice can lead to significant cost savings, efficient travel management, and satisfied employees. Here are some key criteria to consider:

  • Experience & Reputation: In the world of corporate travel solutions, experience matters. Companies should look for agents with a proven track record in handling corporate clients. Online customers reviews, testimonials, and case studies can provide valuable insights into an agent's reputation and expertise.
  • Global Network: The world is a vast place, and businesses operate on a global scale. A corporate travel agent's network determines the breadth and depth of travel options they can offer. Access to a wide range of suppliers globally ensures comprehensive and flexible travel solutions.
  • Technology Integration: We live in a digital era. Modern booking platforms, b2b travel portal, mobile apps, real-time tracking capabilities, and AI-driven insights are no longer luxuries; they are necessities. B2B travel agents that invest in technology offer a seamless and efficient travel experience.
  • 24/7 Support: The unpredictable nature of travel necessitates round-the-clock support. Whether it's a flight delay, a hotel booking issue, or an emergency evacuation, businesses need the assurance that their travel agent is just a call away.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Every business is unique, and so are its travel needs. B2B travel agents that offer tailored solutions based on a company's specific requirements stand out from the competition.

3. Top 10 Global B2B Travel Agents

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT)

  • Description: A leader in corporate travel management solutions, GBT offers comprehensive solutions from booking to expense management.
  • Website: GBT
  • Email: contactus@amexgbt.com

BCD Travel

  • Description: Renowned for its innovative travel business and management solutions and a vast global presence.
  • Website: BCD Travel
  • Email: info@bcdtravel.com

CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel)

  • Description: A global leader with expertise in business travel, meetings, and events.
  • Website: CWT
  • Email: contact@mycwt.com


  • Description: The business travel arm of Expedia Group, offering a seamless travel experience.
  • Website: Egencia
  • Email: sales@egencia.com


  • Description: Known for its personalized service and global travel solutions.
  • Website: Frosch
  • Email: info@frosch.com

Ovation Travel Group

Travel Leaders Corporate

Direct Travel

  • Description: A top-tier travel management company with a focus on personal touch and technology.
  • Website: Direct Travel
  • Email: contact@dt.com


  • Description: A global travel booking and management company specializing in sectors like shipping, energy, and sports.
  • Website: ATPI
  • Email: info@atpi.com

Omega World Travel

In conclusion, as businesses expand their horizons with international travel, to Latin America, North America, Europe or Asia, the role of B2B travel agents becomes increasingly crucial. As your travel partner, they act as allies, ensuring that your employees travel is not just about reaching a destination but about experiencing a customers journey that's efficient, safe, and value-driven.

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