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Greetings, fellow travelers! I am a global globetrotter who has journeyed through numerous cities and countries on the five continents, collecting invaluable insights, experiences and miles (:-)) along the way.

My adventures have now led me to the heart of the Middle East, where I've made my home in the megalopolis city of Dubai. From bustling restaurants to towering skyscrapers, my experiences here have only deepened my passion for travel and exploration. The Smart Business Tourist is curated by  the Culture Diplomat.

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The Smart Business Tourist isn't just a travel blog; it's a treasure trove for the modern traveler. Whether you're a business professional on the move or a curious wanderer seeking unique experiences, this platform offers a blend of practical advice, cultural insights, and hidden gems that will enrich your journeys.

Dive into curated guides, insightful articles, and personal anecdotes that will inspire your next adventure and ensure you travel smartly and efficiently. I write about Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and destinations in the Middle East. I as well share insights and travel tips that will benefit all readers, from the best way to use miles, travel sustainably and enjoy your time while on a business trip.

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